How To Remodel a Fireplace E-Book

This 100+ page e-book provides you with both fireplace design ideas as well as detailed instruction on how to remodel your fireplace.

Remodeling a Fireplace EBook

We have pulled together all the information you will need to take on this project in one simple e-book. Included are over 50 pictures and illustrations covering everything from advice on selecting fireplace facing materials to step-by-step instructions on building a custom fireplace mantel.

This e-book covers the following topics in detail:

  • Fireplace design advice and concepts

  • The top ten mistakes to avoid when designing your fireplace remodel

  • Fireplace facing material selection and layout

  • How to install tile, brick, slab, or stone facing material

  • How to sheetrock over areas of the fireplace

  • How to build and/or install a fireplace mantel

  • How to install a flat panel or LCD TV over your fireplace

The Fireplace is the Center Piece of your Home

Imagine the difference it will make to you home to transform your existing fireplace from dated to designer showcase.

You will need to think through your fireplace remodel and use a design that matches your style as well as that of your house - this book will show you how.

"The book was the only source I used, and I can't say how great it was! Best investment I ever made for under $20."

-- Steve, Parksville, BC


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A portion of the proceeds of this e-book are contributed to  Habitat for Humanity in celebration of all the fireplaces they build for low income families.  




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Since remodeling our first fireplace, almost 10 years ago, we have learned a lot. We have put all those lessons all into this ebook so you won't have to make the some of same mistakes we did the first time.


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This e-book was written because we had so many people come to our website who wanted advice and guidance on design, layout, and installation for their fireplace remodel. We spent a lot of time writing emails with suggestions and advice.

There are lots of sites out there with bits and pieces, but there was not a single place to send people to get all the information that they need to remodel a fireplace. So we sorted through all those emails and came up with a comprehensive list of what people wanted to know and wrote the book based on that.

However, writing the book didn't really lighten our email load. But now that we have covered all the basics of fireplace remodeling in the book the emails that we get are on the more challenging projects and pictures of those projects. We don't mind though, your fireplace is an important part of your home and we want to help.

Order the book and send us an email!


Why an E-Book?

There are several benefits to this e-book format including:

  • Print out only what you need at any point in time.  If you are doing the tiling work, print out the tiling pages and put them right next to where you are working.  You needn't worry about spilling cement on them, because you can always print out more. You can print out the design pages and take them with you to your local Home Depot as you look for the appropriate materials.

  • Another great thing about an e-book is that you receive the book instantly without ever having to leave your home or wait for the mail.

  • The last benefit is that we are constantly updating the book.  As we get questions emailed to us, we incorporate the answers in the book and it is constantly becoming a better tool.



Add Your Fireplace to our Gallery

We are building a gallery of pictures from people who have bought the book and completed their fireplaces. We love to see their work and think others will enjoy it too. So please send us your pictures when you are done with your project!

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