Fireplace Remodeling and Refacing Gallery

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Refacing, Remodeling, and Updating Existing Fireplaces

Welcome to our fireplace gallery of before and after pictures.

This cinderblock fireplace in a downstairs family room had been stained over time and was in need of a face-lift.  It made the room feel small because of its mass and the fireplace lacked style.


Floor to Ceiling Fireplace Before

Cinder Block Fireplace Before


Fireplace Tile Refacing

The new fireplace design was simple, but elegant.  The fireplace was refaced in Italian tile.  A small mantel was added to the fireplace to update it and tie in with the crown moulding. The mass was reduced by using textured sheetrock above the fireplace mantel to match the existing walls.  The room was then  painted to bring out some of the interesting colors in the tile.


After Fireplace Remodeling

Fireplace Faced with Italian Tile

This is a brick fireplace before the remodel.  Since the fireplace was in its original brick form, it made it fairly straightforward to reface it with a natural stone look. 












Brick Fireplace Before

Brick Fireplace Before

Stone Fireplace Remodel

The client wanted a more natural stone surface from floor to ceiling. The brick fireplace was faced with manufactured stone and the result was dramatic.  The room was transformed with a warmth that had previously been lacking.

After Fireplace Update

Fireplace Refaced with Manufactured Stone


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This is a brick fireplace that had been painted white.  The whole room had recently been updated leaving the fireplace looking like the last vestige of the older house.  It was also lacking a significant mantel, which the client found limiting.

Painted Brick Fireplace Before

Painted Brick Fireplace Before

Fireplace Tile Remodel

This fireplace remodel required backer board installation before the fireplace was faced with Italian tile.  Tile should not be laid directly over a painted brick on a fireplace.  A custom mantel was added to the top that tied it in nicely to the window and floor trim.  The new fireplace design made their remodel look complete.

After Fireplace Remodel

Brick Fireplace Remodeled with Italian Tile

This fireplace design was out of proportion - the sides were too narrow and the top too deep.  The fireplace mantel was also out of proportion. 

Oddly Proportioned Fireplace Before

Out of Proportion Brick Fireplace

The client was happy with the painted brick surface of their fireplace, so this fireplace was remodeled with a simple mantel and pilasters designed to bring the fireplace into proportion.




After Fireplace Update

Mantel Designed to Change Fireplace Proportions


This was another painted brick fireplace that needed to be remodeled because of the way it dominated the room. The new owners of this house wanted the fireplace faced with materials that complemented their furnishings.

Floor to Ceiling Fireplace Before

Painted Brick Fireplace Before

The updated fireplace design tied nicely into the decor in the room.  The client chose a dark natural oak fireplace mantel that matched the floors and the fireplace was faced with beautiful tile that worked perfectly with their furniture.


After Fireplace Refacing

Fireplace Refaced with Craftsman-like Tile


This brick fireplace got a dramatic makeover. The original fireplace dominated a room that was filled with beautiful built-in custom cabinets.  The mass was too large for the room and the fireplace style was vintage 50s so it looked out-of-place with all the white-painted wood in the room.

The homeowner did most of this fireplace remodel with a little assistance from us.

Brick Fireplace Before

 Overwhelming Brick Fireplace Before

Updated Brick Fireplace

The remodeled fireplace design matched the custom cabinets and bookshelves in the room.  The surround was faced with used brick and the rest of the fireplace was paneled.  The result was quite elegant and looked like it had been there for 100 years (Never mind that the house is only 50 years old).

After Fireplace Remodel

 Dramtic Fireplace Makeover

Our Own Brick Fireplace

The fireplace in our own home was a real period piece - cantilevered concrete hearth, pink 2x8 brick with embedded quartz - an in-your-face mass dominating the room. Additionally, we were desperately short of storage for such mundane things as newspapers waiting for recycling day, games, and art supplies for the children.

We built custom drawers under the cantilevered hearth, and installed a matching custom mantle. The brick was faced in natural slate in a neutral but interesting color, and the mass was reduced by using textured sheetrock above the mantle to match the existing walls. 


Fireplace with Cantilevered Hearth Before

Ugly Pink Fireplace Before

After Fireplace Refacing

Fireplace Remodeled with Slate Tiless


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